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Mr. Vivek Sivarajan

Mb ChB MRCS MD FRCS Plast (Consultant Plastic Surgeon)

Vivek is a Full Member of BAPRAS & BAAPS

Breast Enlargement Glasgow

Vivek Sivarajan is a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon and one of UK’s leading experts in the field of Breast Enlargement and Reshaping. Vivek practices out of three Scottish clinics, which are based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Vivek also has a fourth clinic from 152 Harley Street in London.

Vivek Sivarajan

Prior to opening his highly successful private practices Vivek specialised with the NHS in reconstructive breast surgery utilising pioneering techniques including microsurgical and laser surgery. In 2009 Vivek became a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the world recognised Canniesburn Plastic Surgery Unit in Glasgow.

Vivek is also a published author and holds the position of Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow.

Why breast enlargement?
Today breast enlargement is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures accounting for nearly 23% of all procedures in 2013, based on the most recent data from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

The reasons so many women choose breast enlargement surgery are wide and varied, for many though the reasons can be as straightforward as, women looking for their breasts to be returned back to their normal proportions following pregnancy. Alternatively, some women are born with uneven breasts sizes which can be a source of low self esteem, or just simply that they want their breast size to be more in proportion with their physical stature.

One other contributing factor why this procedure is so popular may also be because it is a relatively inexpensive and low risk procedurethat delivers life enhancing results.

Implant Options
We are able to offer our customers two principal breast enlargement options: Silicon Implants and Fat Transfer.

Option 1: Silicon Implants
Silicon implants are silicon rubber shells, which are filled with silicon gel. The implants are carefully positioned underneath (sub-mammary/sub-glandular) or below the breast muscle (sub-muscular).

Silicon implants are often chosen over other alternatives as they offer the most predictable outcome in terms of size and shape.

Breast implants come in two shapes – round or anatomical. Anatomical is often referred to as “tear-drop” as they give a more natural and subtle result.

The implants used in our clinics are Mentor breast implants. Mentor breast implants are manufactured by world leading Johnson and Johnson and are FDA approved, please ask our clinical staff for details and warranties.

Option 2: Fat Transfer
A relatively new technique and one preferred by some customers is Fat Transfer. Fat Transfer allows fat to be removed from one area of the body, such as the thighs or tummy and transferred to the breast area. The great advantage for the type of procedure is that there is no foreign material used nor is a general anaesthetic required either.

Fat Transfer enlargement has the additional benefit that fat is often removed from an area of the body that you may wish to reduce fat from.

Vectra 3D imaging
Exclusive to Scotland, Vivek’s customers have access to one of the most sophisticated pre-operativebody imaging simulators – the Vectra 3D ImagingSystem. The Vectra systemwill scan the area of your body which you wish to be treated which is then displayed on a screen. Vectra’s unique software then allows Vivek to change the shape and size of your implants to give you maximum comfort that you are choosing the right implants for your frame prior to surgery.


The Operation
Breast enlargement procedures are generally carried our within an hour and can be often completed under local anaesthetic with sedation. If you prefer we can also offer you the option for the procedure to be carried out under general anaesthetichowever youmay be required to spend one night in hospital for observation.

Many of Vivek’s customers usually elect for same day, “Walk-In-Walk-Out” surgery. The up-side to this option is that the procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic with sedation – allowing you to return back to your busy lifestyle with the minimum of inconvenience or disruption.

Before and After Surgery.
Below is a selection of before and after images taken from the hundreds of breast enlargement procedures Vivek has carried out.




Prices and Consultations
Prices for Breast Augmentation with Vivek Sivarajan start from £3999.  Finance options also available. Ask for details.

If you wish to arrange a Consultation with Vivek at his Glasgow clinic then please call 0141 237 7278 or complete our Contact Form above and member of his team will call you back.

Our Prices

Treatment Price
Breast Surgery £3000 to £8000